Hair Collection F/W 2016/17: Above The Shoulder

Healthy Punk

A new iteration of British punk rock style. Thick bangs and raw, erratic layers give naturally thin hair provocative texture and defiant energy. This is a low-maintenance cut that defies conformity and looks its most effortless with wash-and-wear styling—so skip the blow drying and let hair dry naturally.

Style tip: Perfect for hair ranging from straight to wavy, from brown to deep black color.

Witty Garçon

There’s nothing more sexy and empowering than a woman owning a traditionally masculine look like this gently deconstructed bob. The cut boldly emphasizes the brows and jawline to create a strong, yet vulnerable, aesthetic that challenges conventional sensuality.

Style tip: Especially flattering on oval and diamond face shapes and blonde hair color ranging from platinum to light blonde.

Educated Bob

Exudes both a school-girl innocence and a practiced sophistication. Sleek and disciplined, this is an unassumingly feminine bob that elevates the face’s natural beauty, framing every line and curve by ending bluntly at the jawline and tucking neatly behind the ears.

Style tip: Apply a small amount of leave-in conditioner to the roots to keep hair in place behind the ears.

Boyish Crop

Equally flattering on both men and women, this timeless, liberating cut features deliberately long length at the front so that the style and texture can be altered in a variety of ways depending on the whim of the wearer.

Style tip: An extension of your mood, this cut should be styled however you feel.

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